Catering business plan in mumbai bombay

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Starting a food truck in Mumbai? Here’s what you need to know

I have presented parts of my ideas to friends and family with great response; one of which has a very successful catering business. Guests at Sofitel Mumbai BKC enjoy a full range of 5-star hotel facilities and professional business hotel services catering to their every need. The concierge is happy to arrange a fascinating Mumbai tour or even an eye-opening Bollywood excursion.

itc grand central, mumbai Events A grand pillar free hall adorned with murals and crystal chandeliers, the ballroom at ITC Grand Central expresses a refined regal elegance, making it the perfect venue for all kinds of events – from wedding receptions to parties, conferences, symposiums and corporate events.

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We have been catering to both national and international customers for the last three decades. Strategically nestled in the Central Business District, One Forbes neighbours government offices, multi-national corporate headquarters, the Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India and High Court.

Business Class Flights to Mumbai (BOM), India

Jun 04,  · In these terms, one business journalist estimated that the actual rate per square foot rate in Mumbai would be more in the range of USD $1, after adjusting for PPP – thus making Mumbai almost 50% more expensive for its average citizen than New York.

Catering business plan in mumbai bombay
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Catering Business Plan