Miami herald business plan competition

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How The Taxi Industry Became Legit In Miami

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Business Plan Competition

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The Highboy won the Herald’s annual business plan challenge inwhen the company was in its second year.


Judges agreed that the online antiques marketplace represented a huge opportunity. One of the largest development plans in South Florida history — the American Dream Miami mega-mall, theme park and hotel, plus an adjacent office hub and residential community — is in its.

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More from the Miami Herald, News Talk Florida, Semi-finalists announced for Broward startup competition. Political Business Miami Beach seeks to host Democratic National Convention.

The University of Miami, whose doctors perform the Jackson transplants, have filed a letter of intent with state regulators to do adult heart, lung, kidney and liver transplants at the University of Miami Hospital, across the street from Jackson Memorial.

A team from Gulliver Prep won the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge High School Track. Its straws would detect the most common rape drugs when they are placed in drinks.

Miami herald business plan competition
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