Notre-dame business plan competition

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University of Notre Dame

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ND Business plan competition finals, venture fair open to the public

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“Entrepreneurship came into focus at Notre Dame in Our goal was to ‘create a sense of the possible.’ Fast forward to the McCloskey Business Plan Competition, and you now see visionary and pragmatic ND entrepreneurs defining and broadening what is possible in a range of business models and sectors.

NanDio Wins Business Plan Competition Carol Elliott | Apr. 14, | Notre Dame News A team with a business plan for a simple test that detects oral cancer took the grand prize of $25, Friday (April 11) in the Mendoza College of Business’ 15th McCloskey Business Plan Competition at the University of Notre Dame.

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The University of Notre Dame du Lac (or simply Notre Dame / ˌ n oʊ t ər ˈ d eɪ m / NOH-tər-DAYM or ND) is a private, non-profit Catholic research university in the community of Notre Dame, Indiana, near the city of South Bend, in the United States.

The main campus covers 1, acres ( ha) in a suburban setting and it contains a number of recognizable landmarks, such as the Golden Dome. Spartan Ventures is a strategic venture capital partnership firm with a focus on fast-tracking value for creative entrepreneurs and innovative products.

Combining the perceptive vision and awareness of our seasoned team, we identify strengths in businesses that meet unmet consumer needs and then act as investors that add real value.

We provide both capital and business expertise to decrease.

Notre-dame business plan competition
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