Zirx business plan

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Hot and on Demand Parking Service ZIRX CEO Sean Behr Shares His 15 Year Entrepreneurship Journey

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Zirx Shutting Down Its On-Demand Parking Service

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Zirx: When Valet becomes Redefined

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A focusing of the way cities are able could occur. Zirx Mobility Services is purely business-focused, meaning that consumers can’t use it to have their cars parked — in fact, Zirx has eliminated its parking garages.

Mar 14,  · Sean Behr, Zirx’s founder and chief executive officer, remains enamored of the concept but grudgingly bowed to the unworkable math and shut down the consumer side of the business.

Feb 05,  · “And, an even harder business to scale to great profitability.” Mr. Behr said the six employees worked directly on the consumer side.

The company had 40 employees before the layoffs. People are looking for start-up information about launching valet parking services. I know this because this post is my most popular post on this site.

I believe it is just a small niche market, but it exists. I am looking for somebody with valet manager experience to provide their viewpoints in starting and operating a valet parking business. Apr 14,  · Behr chose the latter.

In February he shut down Zirx's profligate consumer-facing business and on Monday announced his first product for enterprise, the Zirx Mobility Services platform.

Sure, Luxe and other similar valet services like Zirx, Caarbon, Vatler, and ValetAnywhere are a luxury — even in big cities, where parking is a hassle.

Zirx business plan
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